GingaDaddy Review 2022

GingaDaddy Review 2022

GingaDaddy NZB is a search index for Usenet that was made for Usenet users. They have free access accounts, yet there are premium accounts that will give you more benefits. The free access will permit you up to 10 downloads every day, while paid access is unlimited.


GingaDaddy has been in existence since 2008 it’s still one of the best NZB sites out there today. Newsznab+ makes the site easy to explore, and the indexes are kept clean of spam. You don’t need to stick around for an invite to join GingaDaddy. Just go to the site, get a free membership and upgrade and you’ll get VIP benefits.

You will need a Usenet Provider. We recommend Newshosting . They now offer 3,195 days of retention, and they are consistently growing.

This service will search up to 200 days of retention for more than 300,000 NZB listings. The community is relatively vast, with more than 6,400 users, and they have a chat function for everyone so that you can get together with the other NZB users and discuss GingaDaddy. Free users can download three times each day. Searches can be sorted by age, grabs, comments, IMDb rating, IGN rating, size, and views.


GingaDaddy features:

  • More than 300,000 NZB’s and growing.
  • Huge membership, and chat.
  • Browse or search by: Subject, category, top NZB’s, or most recent NZB’s.
  • Filter by: category, size, or age.
  • User made so it’s exceptionally easy to use.
  • Forum support, and fairly comprehensive FAQ.
  • Results returned include: Age of post, file format, and if any remarks have been made on file.
  • Free, yet VIP access will give you access to their VIP downloads, bookmarks, download basket, and VIP gatherings.


Gingadaddy highlights

NZB’s and Retention

Retention is defined as the quantity of day’s newsgroup articles, are sustained by providers on their servers before it gets expired. Remember that newsservers are continually refreshed, and that can add up to a couple of Terabytes day by day. It is unrealistic to have sufficient space to store all that. After some time, they expire to build space. As a free user of GingaDaddy, you will access to more than 870K NZBs. On the other hand, VIP users receive all that free users and in addition 163K NZBs. GingaDaddy offers 200 days of retention and a maximum of 3 searches for every day for free users. In any case, VIP customers get unlimited premium searches.

Free Account Features

As a free member, you are restricted to 3 NZBs daily. Fortunately, you get unlimited access to the community forum. Free membership is supported by free advertisements.

Paid Account Features

As A VIP account holder, you are qualify for a couple of features. For instance, you have access to boundless downloads. Honestly, you can even download in bulk. There is a bookmark alternative. This makes it practical for you to keep a list of your choice. There are no disturbing advertisements. Likewise, you have unlimited access to VIP forum and VIP NZBs.

API Integrations

The API key is made after the users fills out RSS form that appears on the account detail page. At the forum, you can make sense of how you can get your API to work with Sonarr. A few of the API combinations you can get included NZBGet, Sonarr, SabNZBD, Couchpotato, and significantly more. Free account holders get a max of three API calls a day. On the other hand, VIP account holders get unlimited API calls each day.



Before using GingaDaddy, you are required to signup for a free account. After signing in, you can find the subject you need at the search bar. You would then have the ability to review the results and click on NZB button to get the NZB to your PC. You can similarly open it automatically with the Newsreader. You will find features on the site incredible.

If you happen to be a first-time user, you won’t have any issues navigating around. Honestly, the download procedure is clear and very simple. You basically search what you are looking for and download NZB to the browser and a short time later open it with your favored program. With the amount of NZBs available to search, it can’t be difficult to get what you need.

For instance, free users are allowed a maximum of three searches each day. Likewise, you can filter the searches as indicated by formats and genres and after that sort them by grabs, comments, age, size, views, IMDb rating, and IGN rating.


As determined above, GingaDaddy uses SSL security. This is one of the ways they are dedicated to ensuring your security and privacy. Note that they don’t record your IP addresses and your IP address can’t be available for public viewing. Furthermore, you needn’t bother with an email address when you join.


However, the information posted on their forum is users post public as much of it. In that case, they are not responsible for what you willingly disclose to the public. In so doing, you are at your risk. Just like other NZB indexers, they cannot guarantee the loss, unauthorized access, misuse of data that will never occur.

Pricing and Payment Options

GingaDaddy gives two kinds of membership: paid and free membership. Free users don’t need to pay anything. To become a VIP member, a little $17 donation gets you a plenty of upgrades. You should take note that the VIP membership is every year. The following are the payment options they give:

  • PayPal $17
  • Bitcoin $16
  • Credit/Debit card coming soon


GingaDaddy provides a forum to all users (both free and paid people). The forum is split into four zones: General, Support, Exclusive Members Area, and FAQ. You have the opportunity to connect people, chat, and get support.


GingaDaddy is low priced, easy to use, you can get unlimited downloads and API calls. The free membership has some restrictions but you can always upgrade to the VIP account. Since GingaDaddy doesn’t require invites, joining is no more complicated than creating a free account and upgrading it. You can find the Most Popular NZB, and they get additional points for keeping the spam under control.