BinTube is a very popular Usenet service provider with the tagline “Taking Usenet to the Next Level”. The company started its operations back in 2007 and since then the company has improved its services tremendously including the retention period, connection speed, etc. They have a very simple approach in offering their Usenet packages. BinTube offers a single Usenet Access package which provides a Newsreader and streaming Usenet.
If you are a regular user of Usenet then you can skip this part and move on to the next. However, if you are new to the whole concept of “Usenet” and wondering what it is, then you need to read this section. Basically, Usenet is the form of the Internet in the 80s. In simple terms, Usenet is a collection of Newsgroups where you can post messages related to anything and it will be distributed to other newsgroups and users via Usenet News Servers. Now Usenet Service Providers have the Usenet Servers and you access message on Newsgroups on their News Servers. Now, if you want to access these Newsgroups then you have to have the client which is known as Newsreader which allow you to access the Newsgroups


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BinTube Features & Highlights

BinTube is one of the very few Usenet providers which offer its users a Newsreader which is fully compatible with the service. Most Usenet Providers offer third party Newsreaders and they aren’t often compatible and don’t work well with the Usenet service. You also have to configure it which is a long and complicated process. Having a Newsreader from the Usenet service provider can save you from all this trouble as well as it offers much better performance because it is optimized according to Usenet Service Provider.
BinTube also comes with BinTube Accelerator which works with all Usenet Clients, it speeds up the downloads through header compression mechanism.

BinTube Ultimate – Newsreader

BinTube Ultimate is the Usenet Client which comes with all state of the art features which you won’t normally find in other premium Usenet clients. Here are some of the impressive features of BinTube Ultimate.
• It comes with built-in Usenet Search Engine which allows you to search for Usenet Newsgroups.
• There is also an Advanced Streaming option which allows you to skip any section of the content before all the preceding parts are downloaded. This feature works for most of the files types as well as uncompressed and unencrypted files as well.
• BinTube Ultimate also comes with a progressive streaming option. Basically, it limits the download the speed to the bandwidth which is necessary for streaming.
• It also comes with Image Preview which provides the thumbnail view of the images before you download it.
• It also fully supports the NZB format.
• BinTube Ultimate comes with SLL Encryption which ensures the security and privacy of the files downloaded from the Usenet.
• It also has a Smart Repair system which automatically repairs the files which get corrupt during the download.
• There is also the Smart Part Prioritization feature where BinTube automatically re-organizes and manage the parts of the content and download the files which need to be downloaded first.
• It also has the download manager as well as support for RAR, ZIP,7z extraction support.

NZB Creation

BinTube Ultimate fully supports the NZB format and you can easily create the NZB files using various types of encoding with a single click. You also get the different options while creating the NZB file and the Client will generate the file according to your selected setting. Moreover, you can also import the NZBs created on other search engines.
Retention & Completion
Retention Period is very important when it comes to picking the right Usenet Service. Since 2007, BinTube has regularly increased its retention period and now it offers one of the highest retention periods in the industry. The BinTube users enjoy the retention period of 3850 days which is one of the highest retention periods provided by Usenet Service Providers
BinTube has its server Farms in America and Europe and they boast the completion rate of 99% which is also the industry standard. We also didn’t face any issues during our time and customer reviews are also positive about the completion rate. Considering the reviews, we can say that BinTube is very reliable and you will not have any issue.

Newsgroups Availability

BinTube provides access to more than 120,000 newsgroups and the company provides the completion rate of 99% to all these newsgroups. This number is also one of the highest in the industry.
When it comes to pricing, BinTube has taken a very unique approach, instead of having multiple packages, the company offers a single Package which comes with the following features.
• Access to BinTube Ultimate
• Access to BinTube Usenet Search
• Access to BinTube Accelerator
• Unlimited Usenet downloads without any cap
• Unlimited Download Speed
• Free SSL Encryption to secure your downloads
• Use up to 30 Concurrent Connection
• Access to the US and European Severs
You can get all these services for $10.99 per month. If you want to stay anonymous, you can also pay for the service using the Bitcoin. This option is available for annual subscriptions and using the bitcoin also gets you the lowest rates.


BinTube takes the privacy of its users very seriously, they have a very good privacy policy which ensures the privacy of their users. Moreover, the service and the Newsreader both come with SSL support which means your data will be encrypted. Also, if you want to stay anonymous, you can use the bitcoin payment option where you don’t have to share your personal details to use the Service.

How to use BinTube Global Search

BinTube Global Search is a great feature and it comes with tons of option which you can use to get the desired result. However, before you start using it, make sure that you have the valid BinTube subscription. Enter your query in the Search Bar and select the parameters you want to use. There are group, poster, max age, min size, sort by, results per page, hide incomplete and other parameters which you can select and hit the “Search” button. Once you hit it, it will show the results, now you can proceed and download it.

Customer Support

BinTube has a dedicated Blog and FAQ section on their website where you can find the answer to frequently asked questions and updates about the service. There is also a ticketing system where you can submit the ticket and customer support will get back to you within 3-5 business days. The company lacks the live support, live chat or phone call support.


BinTube is definitely a great Usenet Service provider and it comes with many useful features. The company offers one of the highest retention period, Usenet Client, good completion rate and a single package where you get the unlimited downloads without any cap. Overall, BinTube provides excellent value for money. The Best Usenet Service Provider