News Rover Usenet News Reader

News Rover Usenet News Reader

With an overabundance of Usenet newsreaders, it can be challenging to choose a suitable one for your needs. This applies in particular for the newbies who find the list overwhelming. With the newsreaders having various functionalities, some favoring the seasoned Usenet users and others the veterans; we came across an interesting one called News Rover Usenet NewsReader. In this article we discuss the rich features, it hides behind its relatively straightforward looking user interface.

News Rover Features

Global Search
Global search is a crucial functionality that is often left out in many news readers. News Rover Usenet NewsReader didn’t compromise on functionality and decided to include this robust feature. With it, you can explore the vast databases hosted with the various Usenet servers, quickly finding the information that you require. The feature is an added advantage as you will not need to demand the assistance of third party software to search Usenet. This makes it a well-built piece of software that can be used as a standalone Usenet access tool.

Auto scan
Auto scan is a fascinating feature in News Rover that lets you automate the search of particular information in certain newsgroups. To use it, you have to create a list of “groups of interest” that you require information from. The software the runs in the background, decoding all messages in the specified groups to find those that match your specifications. You can also program it to download the messages if need be. A feature to also filter messages based on file extension type also exists, for instance, you can only download messages with the JPG, MP4 or AVI file extensions.

Picture Gallery
News Rover’s image gallery lets you view thumbnails of all downloaded images. This is very useful when trying to trace a downloaded image especially if a lot of them exist in a single directory with an arbitrary identification scheme. You can easily find the desired image by quickly sorting through the thumbnails. The feature also includes a slideshow option with entertaining transitions that can be used to enjoy a slideshow of the downloaded images.

Browsing Newsgroups
The newsreader also allows you to browse newsgroups using a very intuitive system that works seamlessly, regardless of the Usenet provider. All you need to do is select the intended newsgroup and subscribe to it; News Rover takes care of the rest. A built in sub-component that is worth mentioning the ability to get multi-part messages along with file attachments. This functionality is by far the best feature if compared to its competitors.

These are some of the features that the News Rover Usenet newsreader provides. From the perspective of an everyday Usenet user, the software stacks well against the various major news readers, by offering all the features any sound newsreader is expected to avail. If you are looking to surf Usenet with little effort, head over to News Rover and scour the various newsgroups in search of information. Be sure to spread the word and allow your fellow Usenet users enjoy the services rendered by this fantastic newsreader.