NZB Tortuga

Among the most famous NZB sites in existence, NZB-Tortuga is a standout. It was started in the Usenet community November 2016,

NZB-Tortuga is an appropriate plan for development and another NZB site with both strong hardware specs. It is a completely automated Usenet NZB platform that takes a shot at the Newsnab technology. You will need a Usenet Service Provider with your NZB-Tortuga Account. We recommend Newshosting as your Usenet Service Provider.

It’s free plan limits clients to one NZB file download and one API call at regular intervals. Advertisements are shown. Free clients don’t have access to screenshots, pre-data, and other premium services. You are given a 486-DX266 processor, 12MB disc space, 100MB data transmission, and 8MB RAM. Retention is set at 3,000 days over all plans. Searches return result rapidly and won’t keep you waiting around.

The NZB-Tortuga API is perfect with SABnzbd, Couchpotato, Sickbeard, Kodi XBMC, Sonarr, and other software.

Likewise, we have the platinum account where you will get all the great elements of VIP however with 25,000 API calls every 24 hours. Platinum membership cost £12.99 ($15.86), and you can likewise enjoy benefits like API Integration RSS feed unlimited genuine full site for 7 days, then after 7 days your account will be downgraded then enjoy just 4.99 for the year on a VIP plan.

You may search by category, going from console games to books to XXX content. There’s no advanced search to just include result with .info files, within specific dates, or by a poster. You can, however, sort the results by timestamp, size, number of files, and the number of remarks and grabs. In our short test searches were effective with newer content, however, failed to discover older NZBs, regardless of the possibility that they were within the retention limit. Clients may likewise browse NZBs rather than searching for them. The categories and sub categories are extensive.

The site’s terms and conditions don’t specify privacy or logging, so make sure to utilize a VPN. HTTPS is always used.


NZB-Tortuga Highlights

  • Newznab based NZB site software.
  • Free membership level: 5 NZB file downloads every day (No API calls)
  • VIP Level: just $6 a year. Unlimited NZB downloads. 6,000 API calls day by day.
  • Plans for changing the default theme and creating a community with phpbb.
  • Server Hardware specs: quad Xeon 3.3 GHz, 16GB of Ram, 8 TB of capacity, 5.8 usable in a RAID 5 config.
  • Accepting PayPal and Stripe payments.
  • Indexing 600 groups.
  • Working towards a true 3000-day retention.
  • Good security, no logs kept and https://utilized.
  • Rock strong API, Web and SQL servers with UPS and RAID redundancy


NZB-Tortuga features

It has numerous features which are highlighted below



You can use NZB-Tortuga for nothing with a couple of limitations. The main limitation is that you don’t have access to screenshots, pre-data. However, with a premium membership, you can download unlimited NZBs with API key and VIP only forum access.

NZB-Tortuga is an indexer and should not to be mixed up for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you should download from Usenet. NZB-Tortuga will help you find what you are looking for over a large number of newsgroup posts without the need for downloading headers.



The types of NZB-Tortuga membership are listed underneath.

Free membership

NZB Tortuga

NZB-Tortuga’s free plan restricts customers to one NZB record file and one API call daily. Free clients don’t usually have access to screenshots, pre-data, and other premium services. If you need to have a feeling on how the system functions or while searching for minimal content, the free membership is an amazing choice for you.


Platinum membership

Members of the Platinum membership enjoys all the VIP features and besides incorporates 25,000 API calls every 24 hours

In light of pressuring demand from its clients, NZB-Tortuga plans to include another membership type known as Lifetime Membership. At the point when the Lifetime Membership is launched, intrigued people will pay a one-time charge of $15.86. Furthermore, they keep on getting unlimited downloads each day like the VIP membership.

In any case, Platinum is a one-time gift for a Lifetime membership to NZB-Tortuga.

Easy to utilize

To begin, you require an NZB application and need to open an account with Usenet newsgroup. Practically search what you are looking for on the dashboard using a watchword or key phrase on the Usenet Search. The search will load many files, from which you can get the NZB file by clicking the NZB icon. By then, you can download the NZB and open the recently made NZB file in your most loved Usenet customer to download the contents.

NZB Tortuga

NZB content can either be video, sound, magazine, eBook, TV clips and substantially more. You can store your NZB into your PC. After saving the document, you are through with NZB-Tortuga. You can then import your NZB into the customer software.

API integration is one thing that makes NZB-Tortuga perfect for users.  The API integration empowers developers to access and index NZB data by integrating API services into their applications. The indexer is flawless with a pack of other NZB applications, making it outstanding amongst other indexers.


For indexers like NZB-Tortuga, your security is dominating. Sometime recently, there has been a security issues land bug. You need an indexer that can guarantee your privacy and security which NZB-Tortuga gives you. NZB-Tortuga is a service that can deal with security issues.



Like all other NZB sites, reality will surface in the long run if NZB-Tortuga will live up to its promises. But until further notice, with impressive hardware and a proper technical plan, NZB-Tortuga seems to have it all. Also, it has an incredible guide for what’s to come.

As of now, NZB-Tortuga has an aggregate of 3,717,055 NZB releases. So what are you waiting for begin now with their Free Trial!

NZB Tortuga