UseNeXT is a Usenet provider based out of Munich, Germany. They have been offering their services for over 9 years. They are set up with new servers farms in six different counties proving worldwide availability and stability. There has been several issues with UseNext

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They claim they give “more latitude, more speed and more safety”. UseNeXT offers 99.9% completion and very high retention rates of 3,832 days for text and 2,013 days for binary. With 256-bit SSL encryption, free of ads and spyware and fast downloads at full bandwidth and 30 simultaneous connections, they prove to have lots of features. All of these features show that the company really wants to give the best experience.

If you are unsure what exactly is “Usenet” they have a full page on their website explaining the pros of Usenet and how to use it. They also have a discussion board with active posts about all things Usenet for members.


UseNeXT offers three different programs, which you can see after you sign-up with the service. They have different programs for monthly renewals and different download amounts, ranging from 30-250GB per month. All of the plans offer a 2000kbit free download mode, which is available for an additional price. See the plans as outlines below:

Usenext Usenet Pricing Plan

2starFree Trial

They offer a 14-day free trial with up to 300GB download. It is available for all new members and you can cancel at anytime during the free trial period.

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UseNeXT has many different outlets for support for their members. They have a big FAQ page that outlines common problems and troubleshooting. They also hold an online support through e-mail and a support hotline by phone during business hours.

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