Eweka Review

Pure Usenet Review

Pure Usenet Pure Usenet Pure USENET is based in the Netherlands. They offer competitively-priced USENET access. PureUsenet plan packages vary based on the number of connections and you’re allowed to make to their servers as well as the speed you’re allowed to download. All of their plans offer SSL Connections. They do offer several different forms of payment. PureUsenet have servers located in Eur...[Read More]

NZBPlanet Review 2022

NZBPlanet is one of the most renowned NZB websites in existence. It has been in the Usenet Community since 2012. It is an automated Usenet NZB platform that works on the Newsnab technology. NZBPlanet depends on members to drive the quality of the website since it is a community based NZB forum. NZBPlanet is different from automatic engines like Binsearch. It relies on members to drive the quality ...[Read More]

UseNext Review

UseNext UseNext UseNeXT is a Usenet provider based out of Munich, Germany. They have been offering their services for over 9 years. They are set up with new servers farms in six different counties proving worldwide availability and stability. There has been several issues with UseNext   Features They claim they give “more latitude, more speed and more safety”. UseNeXT offers 99.9%...[Read More]

NZBGeek Review

NZBGeek is one of the most popular NZB sites around. As you can see on our Best NZB Sites. This is because the platform provides some of the best service and reliable functionality among its competitors. The website focuses on a community-based model rather than relying on individual servers. It was launched in 2012 and has since steadily gained in popularity. The website provides a free version a...[Read More]

News Rover Usenet News Reader

With an overabundance of Usenet newsreaders, it can be challenging to choose a suitable one for your needs. This applies in particular for the newbies who find the list overwhelming. With the newsreaders having various functionalities, some favoring the seasoned Usenet users and others the veterans; we came across an interesting one called News Rover Usenet NewsReader. In this article we discuss t...[Read More]

BinTube Review

BinTube BinTube is a very popular Usenet service provider with the tagline “Taking Usenet to the Next Level”. The company started its operations back in 2007 and since then the company has improved its services tremendously including the retention period, connection speed, etc. They have a very simple approach in offering their Usenet packages. BinTube offers a single Usenet Access package which p...[Read More]

What is the History of Usenet?

History of Usenet – Everything you need to know in 2022 Usenet is one of the oldest online platforms which has been around for more than decades. It was initially developed to replace the old BBS-Style announcement system, but later on, it became very big and very popular. If you are a Usenet user and you want to know the history of Usenet, this guide is for you. Here we will tell you everything y...[Read More]

TweakNews Review 2022

TweakNews There are Usenet providers all over the world, yet countless of them are situated in Europe. And that is the case with TweakNews. TweakNews is a Dutch Usenet provider headquartered in Haarlem, Netherlands. The service came into existence when experienced Usenet users began switching to them for block accounts. The service turned out to be very popular. TweakNews now has a custom Usenet c...[Read More]

Easynews Web Access or NNTP Usenet Access

Easynews Web Access or NNTP Usenet Access  While most people enjoy access to Usenet, most never wonder what protocol they are using to access the network. Usenet primarily supports two types of connections, the web connection or through the NNTP application protocol. In most scenarios, the method you use doesn’t matter, but there comes that time when knowing the difference between this two a...[Read More]

NewsDemon Review

NewsDemon Self proclaimed as America’s number one premium Usenet provider, NewsDemon offers very competitive features and prices among other Usenet providers around the world. On top of their highly rated services, they have special offers including blogger access, discounts and more. They have servers belonging to the United States and Europe, to catch you anywhere in the world at their hig...[Read More]

Astraweb Reviews

Since 1998, Astraweb has been offering a great Usenet server with great features and prices. Astraweb owns 100% of their own United States and European servers to keep your information safe and your accounts the best they can be. Features Astraweb offers 2497 days retention at 99% completion and unlimited speeds. With every account, they have free SSL enabled to make sure you get the best privacy....[Read More]